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Pelletized Poultry Compost

  • Total N 2%

  • Phosphate 4%

  • Potash 2%

  • 17% Ca

  • 1% S

PPC has a natural humus base hat holds nutrients and spoon feds to plants as the plant needs them.

PPC has all major nutrients (N-P-K) plus Sulfur, Calcium and other beneficial micronutrients.

PPC has 3% humic acid in a natural humate form.

PPC has beneficial microbes and bacterias that help break down nutrients already existing in the soil and fixate nitrogen for decreased fertilizer costs.

PPC is in an easy to use pelletized form that can be easily and accurately spread or blended with other fertilizers.

PPC is high in organic matter making the nutrients more stable for feeding plants through the growing season.

PPC is an all natural fertilizer that is acid and pathogen free.

PPC is high in available Calcium helping to flocculate and loosen soils for better aeration and water retention.

PPC has a unique combination of organic matter and nutrients that will help hold volatile nitrogen in the soil.

PPC is homogenously blended with phosphate powder to provide a long lasting, energy packed nutrient supply.

PPC is probably the best all around cost effective fertilizer that you will ever apply.