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Soft Rock Phosphate

  • 26% Total Phosphate

  • 3% Available Phospate

  • 25% Ca

Natural Soft Rock Phosphate still contains many of the necessary micronutrients for soil health and plant production.

Natural Soft Rock Phosphate has 25% calcium which works as a soil amendment loosening tight soils and improving soil tilth.

Natural Soft Rock Phosphate works as a slow release fertilizer that spoon feeds the plant while building soil fertility throughout the growing season.

Soft Rock Phosphates palletized for easy handling and application.

Soft Rock Phosphates is less expensive than conventional phosphate fertilizers.

Soft Rock Phosphates is a standard pellet size and weight that can be blended with other fertilizers.

Soft Rock Phosphates is a beneficial source of carbon for improved plant energy and beneficial bacterial and microbial populations.

Soft Rock Phosphates is beneficial for acid soils because of its high calcium content that aids in neutralizing acidic soils.